About the company

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  • Ax Film is a company operating since 1995 in the Polish market. The company he founded and leads to today Krzysztof Kownas. Dozens of films created in the most according to our original ideas. Some produced at cost price because they were worth it.
  • Our passion is documentary. No topic is not foreign to us. However, carefully avoided any commitment on the side of political trends and any ideology.
  • We have cooperated with TVP S.A.  for many years.
  • We have extensive experience on the production of film and television in Western Europe - notably in France.
  • For many years our specialty are also projects in the countries of Eastern Europe.
  • Important for us is the high quality of the proposed production, taking into account all the requirements of the substantive and technical.
  • Ax Film works with a group of verified professionals with many years of experience and outstanding achievements.
  • We have gathered over the years the film archive, whose use we also another.
  • We provide advertising films. We collaborated with large Polish and foreign companies.

They trusted us:

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  • We are dealing with the organization of the films plans.