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We are profssional film and television production. We have over twenty years of experience. We work with a group of professionals with your account outstanding achievements. This guarantees the highest quality of our productions. Meticulous organiztion of production and accurate verification scenarios can reduce costs. We offer the lowest prices on the European. market.

 We offer complete projects-from idea to launch...

foto: Krzysztof Kownas
  • Documentary films
  • Advertising films
  • Tv programs
  • Promotional films
  • Educational films
  • Reportages
  • Scenarios on the order for any form (including fiction).
  • We have collected over the years movie archive.
  • We have extensive experience in realizations outside the Polish. Our specialty is France and the countries of Eastern Europe. Knowledge of languages and realities of the countries in which we have completed dozens of films guarantees the success...


We would like to inform you that we have not been cooperating with Polish Television TVP S.A. for several years. We do not anticipate any form of cooperation with TVP S.A. in the near future. See you on other screens.

The film "Miasteczko" ("Town"). The story of the remarkable Polish enclave. The tiny town of Montrésor in centurm France. Here live great people, which it is difficult to meet elsewhere. He Tells Horacy Unrug.Montrésor